Property Guardian™ Infracare Private limited is serving the resident and non-resident Indians having property investments in India. The promoters of the company have experience of over 15 years in the property consultancy business.

Property Guardian™ is developed to assist all property owners in supervising their properties as a local guardian. We offer a variety of services, tailor made to the individual needs.

The protection of properties is important for any property owner and the Property Guardian™ service is designed to save your investments while maximizing the security of your unoccupied properties. You can save up to “90%” compared to traditional methods of security and protect your property simply by having our responsible and vigilant team performing continual surveillance of your property.

Property Guardian™ provides vetted professionals who will personally visit your vacant commercial or residential property very frequently to keep an eye on any encroachments, damages or any other fraudulent activity. This is a proven way of maximizing security against property distresses.

We have seen property owners wanting to make money through rentals, but missing the network to maximize the results. This brought us to design an array of services that can be applied to any property, depending on what you want. Call us today to schedule an appointment with our Investment Guardian to learn more.

Vision and Mission:

Property Guardian™ is established with a vision to provide clients with a reliable, efficient and cost effective solution for the security of investment in properties.

We believe that, the value of the property is not only determined by the LOCATIONS and area but also on the care taken in maintaining it. Property investments do not happen every day. It is a usually a possession of a lifetime and is passed on to generations.

We exist to make that difference where you can relax and be assured that we are taking care of your property portfolio. We truly believe in thinking local and acting global and provide the experience in a true sense.

Since the day we started, one of our objectives has been to offer high quality services to our clients, who are looking for someone local they can rely on, so that their properties taken care of while they are away.

We aim to work with our clients in the long term, building strong relationships and investing in the improvement of their abilities

Meet the Founders:

Vishnu Goyal

Anuj Gupta