Forged agreement made together by the land owner and the other accused

August 2, 2016 12:26 pm admin
2 aug news for blog

5 apartment owners did not know and take possession of the flat in the name of another man’s warrant was issued. Along with another man’s, lady landlord of this apartment (25 flats), signed an agreement to sell these flats. To comply this agreement court case lasted up to 4 years. again Court has given command of the capture point. the flat owner knows forgery When the police arrived to take possession of the land. When police cell with Amin went to Swastika apartment, Jamna Nagar, Sodala with  Warrant possession of 5 flats out of 25, 4 were found locked, and children found in a remaining one flat. Society patron P. G. Nair told  all owners live in their flats. all five apartment owners were surprised to know that. According to the stamp presented in the court, an agreement was done between Kamlesh and Amin Ali. According to the District Treasury Officer this stamp was issued in November 2009. i.e it is dated 5 months ago by fraudsters. This stamp was issued to vendor Ramdayal but the signature of Mahaveer is on the stamp. according to the D.I.G stamp first Mahaveer was dead on July 1, 2009. according to District  record room on July 13,2009 there is no record of stamp sold by Mahaveer. Police have arrested the accused.

one of the victims said “from many years, I’m staying here with family. Before capturing, the warrant did not know anything about this case. without any mistake, there is need to go to court and police stations. And paying too many fees to lawyers.

This news is Published in “Dainik Bhaskar  on Dated 2nd August 2016.”

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